How to Use ClickUp in 2024

January 23, 2024

New year, new…workspace? If you’ve never used ClickUp before, yes! If you’ve tried out ClickUp but haven’t had a chance to test ClickUp 3.0, also yes!

Here’s your introduction (or reintroduction) to ClickUp 3.0 for 2024. Below, we talk about new and improved features from ClickUp 2.0 to 3.0, as well as how to use ClickUp for your business. Let’s dig in.

What’s new and different in ClickUp 3.0?

A different look overall

The first thing you’ll notice with ClickUp 3.0? How different it looks. There’s more space between everything on your screen, making it a little less cluttered and neater. Your admin settings now live on the right side of your screen, and workspace settings are to the left.

Easier navigation and intuitive design

There are so many little tweaks to navigation and layout that have a big impact on your user experience! One of my favorite things about the upgrade is the new ClickUp Inbox. Instead of notifications, you have Messages or Activity, which separate action items from updates.

Another new feature I love are hubs. Hubs make ClickUp Docs easier to find, as well as whiteboards, which are no longer limited to specific tasks or spaces. Hubs help you navigate more quickly between dashboards, too.

ClickUp 3.0’s new Task View is amazing, too. You now have sections to add details, subtasks, and action items. There’s also a taskbar to the right of your screen that gives you quick access to whatever you need.

You now have the option to view your work from a broader perspective with Overview. This view shows you recent docs, resources, lists, data, and more. And if you navigate to the space level, you’ll find the folders you need.

In short, ClickUp 3.0 has made many seemingly small changes to its user interface that improve navigation, efficiency, and design.

AI inside ClickUp

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has debuted on ClickUp. And we think ClickUp AI’s new features are pretty cool.

If you need a quick summary of a document, ClickUp can summarize it for you. It can also help you clarify your writing, explain something better, simplify your language, and fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Don’t like what the AI generated for you? Click the “Try Again” or “Discard” buttons!

Plus, ClickUp AI can get you started if you’re experiencing writer’s block with their document prompting feature. It can create standard operating procedures (SOPs) as well. All things that save you time and stress.

Task types

Last but definitely not least, we have task types. This seems like a small update, but it’s actually kind of a big deal!

Things in your ClickUp aren’t always tasks, right? You wouldn’t label a spreadsheet a task. You wouldn’t call sales data a task. There are things in ClickUp that won’t be marked complete, because they’re not one-and-done tasks.

Task  types now solve that problem. You can name these “non-tasks” what you want and assign them icons. Events, clients, sales data, inventory items…all of these and more will show up as different types of work in ClickUp, not just tasks.

How to use ClickUp in 2024 for your business

Now that we’ve covered what’s new in ClickUp 3.0, let’s talk about how you can use these upgrades for your business!

Organize your tasks

ClickUp can help you manage not only your work tasks but your personal tasks, too. In each of your dashboards, you can create task lists, update your task statuses, assign them due dates and priority levels, and more.

And remember, with ClickUp 3.0, you can better organize your tasks by marking them as a specific task type!

Manage your projects

ClickUp is one of our favorite platforms for project management! The great thing about ClickUp is that you can build and customize your workspace to suit your needs.

Here are just a few ways to use ClickUp for project management:

  • Store and manage documents in ClickUp (so you and your clients/team members don’t have to email them back and forth)
  • Understand which tasks take up your time with time blocking, so you can improve your processes and productivity
  • Create templates for projects or tasks to save time

That’s just a teensy part of a much bigger list on how to use ClickUp effectively for project management. You can also track your emails, build custom dashboards, update multiple tasks at once…the list goes on.

Oh, and with 3.0, you can now manage your custom fields anywhere in your ClickUp; you’re no longer limited to managing them in each space or list. This update makes your project management so much faster and easier!

Track and store data

ClickUp 3.0 makes project management and task wrangling easier, but it can also help you track progress on your goals and sales. You can even build a sales tracker and use Zapier integrations to gather your data from multiple payment processors.

Once those numbers are pulled, you can use a ClickUp dashboard to report on data like:

  • Sales by offer
  • Total sales
  • Gross income
  • Payments
  • Net sales by month or year
  • And more!

Staying on top of your sales data and finances can be tough, so use this as a reminder to get back on track in 2024. ClickUp 3.0 makes it easy!

Ready to get started with ClickUp?

Ready to use ClickUp in 2024, but need a bit more guidance? We can help!

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