How ClickUp Can Increase Efficiency (& Profits) For Your Online Business

September 15, 2023

Recently, we had a call with a client who needed help automating his business. He already had someone working with him, and this person was great — a solid fit for the team, reliable and trustworthy…there was just one thing. They weren’t very efficient.

Now, not everything in business is about efficiency. At times, it’s okay to let other values or goals take priority. But when a lack of efficiency starts costing you some serious $$$...then you know something’s got to give.

As it turns out, this client was paying a contractor nearly $3K for 30 hours each month to manage the business, which breaks down to about $96 per day. Of course, there are so many details that go into a working relationship, but numbers don’t lie! That’s a whole lot of money for a whole lot of hours!

And when the client came to us for help, he wanted an easier, more streamlined way to manage his business — one that wouldn’t cost thousands of dollars each month. Thankfully, we had the perfect solution: ClickUp!

By using ClickUp, he was able to cut down those hours to 1-2 per week, totaling less than 10 per month. Want to see how ClickUp can help you increase efficiency (and maybe even profit)? Keep reading to find out!

Using ClickUp to increase efficiency in your business

We’ve met plenty of people who started out on ClickUp really excited about the journey ahead — how it would help them manage their biz,  how it could help them streamline their process, etc.

But that’s where things go a little sideways. People (including the CEO and their team) start using it, and when they don't set it up efficiently, they have to spend hours managing it. And no one wants to do that. It’s no wonder we hear people say, “ClickUp just doesn’t work for me!”

The goal is to have ClickUp do the work and project managing FOR you. That’s the whole point of the software! And to do that, you have to know how to use it effectively.

ClickUp can be your best friend when it comes to project and team management. Once you know which features can make things run smoother, and more efficiently, the rest is smooth sailing, and you’ll be on your way to a more organized business in no time!

ClickUp features that increase efficiency & profitability

ClickUp can do so many things, really — but we love it best for its automation features, templates, and dashboards to keep teams organized!

Using automations inside of ClickUp

Automations inside ClickUp can be set up with custom actions and triggers to adjust as much as you need. It’s all designed so you can tweak to fit your biz!

They have an automation template library, or you can create your own from scratch (which, P.S. — we have a great pre-made template ready for you here!).

You can also set “assignees” or “watchers” on all new tasks in a given area going forward. This means you won’t have to set that up for each and every new task. Yay!

Using templates inside of ClickUp

Templates can make your task load so much easier. For example, we have an onboarding template for any new clients we work with that helps us keep track of everything, who it’s assigned to, and when it’s all due without having to manually enter that information each time from scratch.

All we have to do is create the template once, then copy it over and tweak it as needed for each new client!

Using dashboards inside of ClickUp

With dashboards in ClickUp, you can get a good overview of everything going on in your workspace. As a business owner, you can see what each person has on their plate, as well as keep tabs on things (like tasks load and due dates) as a whole!

Want even more ways to streamline your biz with ClickUp?

Obviously, there are more great features about ClickUp, but we’re limited on space 😉 So…we’re inviting you to our FREE ClickUp session to show you even more about how to use ClickUp to streamline your online business!

Join Scaling Your Online Business with ClickUp: Tips for Growth and Expansion here!

We’ll cover things like:

🚀 The ClickUp features you can use to scale your business — faster and easier than ever before!

🤝 How to collaborate with your team and/or clients on ClickUp’s platform.

🤖 An intro to automations so you can start using ClickUp without all the manual work.

If you want to streamline your processes, work more efficiently, and manage your team with ease, then we’d love to have you there! Our first session has already happened, but you’ll have one more chance on August 23 at 3 PM EST to join us! And if you can’t make it live, you can still sign up to get the replay.

Register for the ClickUp session here!

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