Make Collaboration Easy with ClickUp Docs

September 15, 2023

No matter what type of business you run, collaboration is key. And part of establishing and maintaining a collaborative environment comes down to the tools you use. If you’re juggling multiple platforms, collaboration automatically becomes more difficult. But what if there is a better way?

Enter: ClickUp Docs.

Yes, it is another amazing feature of ClickUp that we personally feel is super underrated. On the surface, ClickUp Docs may seem like any other document platform (like Google Docs or Word Docs), but its capabilities are beyond what others can offer. Not to mention, ClickUp Docs can boost collaboration within your business, saving everyone lots of time, energy, and confusion.

Watch our latest video below to get the full 101 of ClickUp Docs, or keep reading to learn:

Why ClickUp Docs vs. Google Docs?

To be frank: We hardly ever use Google Docs anymore. The only exception we have at DaSilva Life is if we’re partnering with someone who doesn’t use ClickUp. Otherwise, it’s forever and always our go-to for creating, collaborating, and sharing information.

Here are more reasons why we prefer ClickUp Docs to Google Docs:

Everything is in one place

Instead of toggling back and forth between ClickUp and Google Docs, you can do everything inside ClickUp! Having everything in one centralized place makes things easier for everyone while saving tons of time. No more digging through tons of documents and folders inside Google Docs – it’s all right there in ClickUp.

Your team can collaborate in real-time

Even though your team can collaborate within Google Docs, ClickUp has the advantage with some extra features that make the process seamless. With ClickUp Docs, you can:

  • Tag others in comments
  • Assign action items
  • Convert text into project tasks
  • Create outlines and checklists for teammates
  • And so much more!

You can attach docs to projects + tasks

One of our favorite ClickUp Docs features is the ability to attach them to any project or task within ClickUp. Once you link the two together, you can:

  • Update workflows
  • Change project statuses
  • Assign tasks
  • And more!

So, instead of digging through mountains of Google Docs to find the right one that corresponds with your project or task, it’s right there in ClickUp!

You can create nested pages/docs

Instead of juggling multiple Google Docs, you can create nested pages and docs within ClickUp. For example, say you use a doc to take notes during every client call. In Google Docs, that may look like one giant document with different headers or multiple docs within the same folder.

In ClickUp Docs, you can simply nest each of those docs under one parent one. That way, they’re all in the same place and easy to find and access!

Ways you can use ClickUp Docs

Another exciting thing about ClickUp Docs is that you can use them for virtually anything – maybe in ways you have never thought of before!

Agendas and client calls

Like we mentioned above, ClickUp Docs are great for taking notes during client calls and creating agendas. Again, instead of juggling multiple tools during a client call, everything is right there in ClickUp: your agenda, notes, projects, tasks, etc.

And if you ever need to reference something from a previous call or project, you don’t have to scrounge through tons of other documents – you can click within your nested docs to find what you’re looking for within seconds!

Asset creation

When it comes time to create assets for your team or clients – whether it’s blogs, social posts, YouTube scripts, or anything else – you can do it all inside ClickUp Docs! That way, when your assets go through the creative and editorial process, you don’t have to jump back and forth between tools. Don’t forget that you can also attach these assets to project tasks, which streamlines the entire process for your team!

Knowledge bases

Need a centralized place to house important client information? ClickUp Docs can help with that, too! You can use them to create robust knowledge bases for your team, so they can find helpful information like:

  • Client background information
  • Branding elements (voice, tone, etc.)
  • Client examples
  • Contact information
  • And anything else you want to add!

Onboarding + training

As you grow your business and bring on new team members, use ClickUp Docs to house training materials and onboarding docs! Because you can nest docs inside ClickUp, you can categorize and organize documents in a way that makes sense for your processes.

Tips + tricks for Click Up Docs

Below are some of our favorite tips and tricks for learning and navigating ClickUp Docs!

Easy access from anywhere

In ClickUp, your Docs don’t have to be buried somewhere and difficult to find. In fact, there are multiple ways you can access docs from virtually anywhere within ClickUp! You can:

  • Create a new ClickUp View within workspaces
  • Add Docs to your sidebar if you want them to be more prominent
  • Create a new Doc as an attachment to any task
  • Minimize Docs into your Task Tray (like minimizing a window), so you can pick back up where you left off!


Who says Docs have to be boring? Not ClickUp!

Within any ClickUp Doc, you access the settings and add tons of customizable elements, like:

  • Photos
  • Banners (you can even create your own and upload them!)
  • Text and font sizes
  • Subtitles, author, and contributors
  • Date updated
  • Table of contents
  • Emojis for fun visual markers
  • Access and editing privileges

Another amazing feature? You can turn any of your Docs into a template, so you don’t have to re-create the wheel every time. If you’d rather start with a template, ClickUp has tons to choose from as well!

Slash commands

One of our favorite features of ClickUp is the infamous slash command, which is especially useful inside Docs! To activate a slash command, all you have to do is type a forward slash (/), and a full list of options will pop up. Here are some of our favorite things to do with a slash command:

  • Insert a List View (in other words: you can bring an entire task list into a Doc!)
  • Add columns, checklists, tables, and buttons
  • Add a toggle list (AKA: an expandable list)
  • Insert a table of contents (as you add new headers, your table of contents will update automatically!)

Get a deep dive into ClickUp Docs inside our Systems School Course!

Even though ClickUp Docs may not seem like an exciting feature, it can seriously change how you collaborate with your team and clients. Not to mention, all the amazing features within Docs make it hard to consider using anything else!

So, if you want a deeper dive into ClickUp Docs – and all the ways to use them to your advantage – check out our Systems School ClickUp Course!

When you join our ClickUp Course, you’ll get instant access to dozens of modules and accompanying video lessons that show you all the ins and outs of ClickUp.

Our Systems School ClickUp Course also includes:

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  • ClickUp FAQ Database
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  • Membership Access

Get ready to collaborate in ways you’ve never thought of before!

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