4 Simple Tips to Make Delegating Easier With ClickUp

September 15, 2023

You know the feeling.

You’re focused, hard at work on a client project or new idea you want to develop. Your  phone AND laptop are on “do not disturb” mode, your headphones are in — you’re in full focus mode. You’re totally in the zone!

But then you take a minute to check notifications and find out that the task you thought you delegated… isn’t really delegated.

Your team member or contractor has questions. You realize you left out important details. Or you realize they don’t have the capacity to do the task and you have to step in because now it’s a fire.

Your full focus mode is shut down, and the work you were doing gets put on the back burner. Maybe you’ll get to revisit it at 1am when you’re finally able to sit back down.

And while your team members or contractors are great, you know that your system for delegating is lacking. It’s not helping them — or you — do your best work. It takes too much time, details are constantly missing, and you’re overwhelmed by a lack of process.

In short, you need something to help you delegate better. You know what’s coming, right?

When you want to delegate better in your business, we recommend ClickUp!

In this post, we’re giving you four tips to help you delegate faster, simpler, and more efficiently using ClickUp. No more dropping everything to put out fires or answer questions. Just clear delegation that lets you get back to your work.

Let’s dig in! (And if you prefer to watch instead of read, the full video of ClickUp delegation tips is right here.)

ClickUp Delegation Tip #1: Have a clear place for handoff

If you want to make delegation a bit easier, it all starts with how you hand off a task or project. You need a clear and repeatable process so everyone knows what to expect.

Inside of ClickUp, you can map out your entire process for each project or client from start to finish. That means all the implementation, onboarding, and support are all included.

And that also means your team won’t have to worry about missing a single step! Because everything is there, outlined for them whenever they need it.

Here’s just one example of a project workflow that we use inside Systems School:

You can clearly see where things are going and who they’re assigned to, which is helpful whether you’re working with a retainer or per-project client. You can view by category, by monthly items, etc., and see everything in one place.

ClickUp Delegation Tip #2: Use the delegate tag

ClickUp also lets you add a “delegate”  tag for a faster view. When you’re working in the project, just add it to the task and it will automatically be added to the “delegate” category.

This is SO helpful because when you're doing things in the moment, the last thing you want to do is interrupt your train of thought to delegate. But with this feature, it’s literally just the click of a button.

Then, you (or an assistant) can come back later and make those tasks/check to make sure the assignee has everything they need to receive this task!

ClickUp Delegation Tip #3: Use the workload view

If you use the assignee, due dates, and time estimate features in ClickUp, then the workload view is going to be a big help. This feature helps you see workload by team members, so you can make sure everyone is staying at capacity.

Want to know if someone has time to help support a project? Or if they’re being stretched too thin? The workload view can help you see what’s on everyone’s calendar all at once. If they’re at capacity, you’ll see orange. If they’re over capacity, you’ll see red.

NOTE: You need to add time estimates to projects for this to work!

Workload view is also great for time tracking. Maybe you want to see how much you’re really spending on certain tasks, or maybe you have to be mindful of the workload for retainer-style clients. Either way, this feature will help you understand your team capacity.

ClickUp Delegation Tip #4: Create an SOP library

For everyone to get the info they need to do their delegated tasks, you need to keep your SOPs tidy, organized, and ready to view at all times. If you’re out of office, whether sick or on vacation, creating an SOP library inside of ClickUp means your entire team can always find what they need in a snap.

All of your SOPs are in one place and they can be grouped by category, You can also see when each one was created, and updated, and can include that information within tasks for better project management.

These libraries really help you make sure no detail is missed. And our favorite part? You can drop Loom videos inside the notes. How cool is that?!

Automations also make it easy to include SOPs on a task template, so you never have to manually link to an SOP in a recurring or “standard” task. Amazing, right?

Want to leverage ClickUp even more for your business?

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