4 Steps to Master ClickUp Team Onboarding

September 15, 2023

Have you ever had a job where you weren’t sure what was expected of you?

You were probably really excited about your first day in a new place, but that excitement faded as soon as you realized you didn’t have clear tasks or even clear expectations for your first few weeks.

In no time, you were confused about expectations, responsibilities, and daily operations. Totally disappointing, right? We don’t want that to happen to your potential new hires!

So today, we’re talking about how you can avoid all of that with ClickUp.

Having a team onboarding system (inside ClickUp) helps you flesh out your process, saves everyone time, and takes away the stress of training a new team member. Plus (and most importantly!) it gives new hires and your team everything they need to succeed.

Not sure what you need to include in your ClickUp team onboarding  system? Read on the find out!

ClickUp Team Onboarding Must-Have #1: An SOP library

SOPs are always a good idea, but they are especially important when you’re onboarding a new team member. It takes a lot for anyone to get the hang of things, and having a solid SOP in place will help make their transition easier!

SOPs will also help you make sure you don’t accidentally forget a step in the process — which means everyone can get back to working in their zone of genius faster. Your new team member will feel a lot more confident and comfortable with their workload when they’re kept in the loop.

ClickUp makes it easy to do this — you can create an onboarding SOP once, then store it in your dashboard for easy access.

ClickUp Team Onboarding Must-Have #2: An onboarding template

Plan to grow quickly? Hire often? Create an onboarding template that you can copy and transfer over to each new hire. (This is also a good idea even if you don’t plan to hire again any time soon — no future work for you!)

All you really need to do to update it is copy the SOP for each person, make sure their onboarding tasks align, and also include:

ClickUp Team Onboarding Must-Have #3: A 30/60/90 plan

Everyone needs a plan of action, right? Having some sort of 30/60/90-day plan in place means that your new hire will know exactly what’s expected of them and what goals they should be working towards.

Note: This type of planning is only successful if you have clear outlines set ahead of time! People don’t know what they don’t know. And in an effort to make sure you and your new hire align, it’s important that you don’t just “wing it” here.

For each of the 30, 60, and 90-day “milestones,” you can create actionable tasks inside of ClickUp.

Did you just hire a graphic designer to help improve your brand consistency? Assign them tasks like “review brand guidelines” or “log into Adobe” in their first 30 days.

Then in the 60-day add “evaluate current marketing materials for improvement.” And finally, in the 90-day section, you could add, “create branded slide decks” to tie it all together!

Basically, you want to look at this step more as a task list than a rhetorical question. You want to make it as actionable as possible and clearly outline deliverables (which, of course, ClickUp can do for you!).

ClickUp Team Onboarding Must-Have #4: A team member dashboard

So…where does one keep all of this information? Inside a team member dashboard!

Keeping everything in one place means you don’t have to juggle dozens of different documents, folders, and tasks inside of ClickUp. You just need to remember to check the dashboard and you have all the information you need!

In addition to your SOPs and 30/60/90 day plans, you can also keep things like:

  • Team trainings
  • Other goals and progress reports
  • Performance reviews
  • Time off requests and OOO dates
  • Birthdays (yay!) or other special events/important dates
  • Fun facts like their favorite treat or things they enjoy doing

Another thing we love about creating team dashboards inside of ClickUp is that each person can see their specific task load for upcoming dates.

With all of this in one place, you save so much time (and money!) on growing your team without sacrificing quality. You’ll be able to provide your employees with a consistent and clear onboarding and training process, so everyone is able to hit the ground running with their best work ASAP!

Want to learn more about using ClickUp to manage your team?

This might sound like a TON of work for someone who needs to outsource help, but when you take the time to get these mission-critical processes in place…trust us. Your life will be SO MUCH easier!

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