ClickUp for Agencies: S&G Client Case Study

March 15, 2023

We are super excited to share another ClickUp Case Study and success story. This time, we’re diving into S&G Marketing Agency, an award-winning content marketing agency that connects brands with their audiences.

How? Through engaging, authentic content campaigns that help brands stand out from competitors, connect with their customers and clients, and transform into thought leaders. S&G is also passionate about driving bottom-line results.

The problem

Like many content marketing agencies, S&G oversees tons of clients and deliverables. As a result, they’re constantly juggling different timelines, team members, and due dates. Although they were already using ClickUp, S&G knew they needed an entire revamp of their hierarchy.

The ultimate goal? To get their entire team on the same page.

In other words: They wanted to ensure the full team had eyes on:

  • Who was working on what
  • When it was due
  • Where it was at during the process

On top of that, S&G wanted to streamline the amount of time they spent updating and managing their ClickUp tasks manually.

Challenge accepted!

The solution(s)

Through ClickUp consulting, DaSilva Life cleaned up S&G’s entire workspace while adding efficiencies and automations. Before, S&G had all of their clients in separate spaces, which made task management fairly difficult. Now, all of their clients exist within one space – just within separate folders.

Lots of organization

In addition to organizing their workspaces, DaSilva life also created task templates for every single type of deliverable that S&G offers. Through workflow mapping, we could map out the entire process for each deliverable – from beginning to end – and create customized timelines and tasks for each.

For each task, we also created custom fields to help everyone stay on track and find everything they need in one place. For S&G, that included custom fields like:

  • Deliverable type
  • Category
  • Budget Month
  • Release date
  • Google Doc link
  • And more!

Adding dependencies

Another hurdle S&G struggled with was overseeing multiple content creators across multiple clients. Their Account Managers wanted the ability to see details like:

  • Projected due dates
  • Who’s working on specific tasks
  • Who’s holding up projects/timelines

They also wanted to see all of that without clicking back and forth between client folders and tasks. The solution? Dependencies!

By adding dependencies, everyone on the team can now see who is responsible for specific tasks within an entire project, including when it’s due and whether it’s past due. These dependencies also let team members know:

  • They are holding up a project because their task isn’t finished
  • They can’t start a task because someone else is holding things up

The best part about dependencies is when one task gets delayed, it delays the entire timeline of the deliverable. So no more rushing to meet a deadline because one team member or the client was lagging.

Automations with ClickUp & Make

As we mentioned before, S&G wanted to drastically reduce the amount of time spent manually updating, managing, and juggling tasks within ClickUp. Here’s how we added automations to help:

  • Task assignments: Typically, S&G assigns the same writer to recurring deliverables. Through automations, ClickUp is now in charge of the assigning! Since it now knows who works on what, once a task is created, it will automatically assign the team member who’s in charge of it!
  • Client task lists: Whenever the status of a deliverable is set to ‘Client Review,’ Make will now automatically create a task for the client, so nothing slips through the cracks during the editing process!
  • Two-Way Sync: with the use of Make automations, we were able to create a system that every time a task was updated in the client approval list, it would update the corresponding task in the team's internal list.
  • + so many more!

Team member dashboards & calendar views

Finally, S&G wanted a solution that set every single team member up for success. First, they wanted to ensure that writers see all of their upcoming tasks to better manage their workloads.

Second, they wanted to give account managers full visibility into what deliverables were due on any given day, week, or month – and where they were at in the process.

Our solution? We created dashboards for every team member and created two different ClickUp Views: Gantt View and Calendar View. (Psst! This is also where dependencies come into play again!)

In Gantt View, team members can see each task along an entire timeline from start to finish, including any overlapping tasks. In Calendar View, the team can see an entire week or month at a thousand-foot view – including color-coded dependencies. Here’s how it works:

  • If a team member’s task has a yellow dependency: This means they’re waiting on someone else to finish their task before they can get started.
  • If a team member’s task has a red dependency: This means they’re holding up the process, and other team members can’t start their tasks until theirs is finished.

Tasks are also color-coded based on status – Approved, Scheduled, Writing, Editing, etc. – to give team members even more insight into tasks and deliverables.

With this solution, ClickUp does the heavy lifting of task management, so S&G team members no longer have to do it manually. It also helps writers manage their workloads and know what to prioritize while allowing account managers visibility over their own client’s deliverables.

The results

Through ClickUp Consulting and a variety of solutions, S&G is now experiencing:

  • More streamlined process
  • Less manual task management
  • Better team oversight
  • More efficiency
  • Having everyone on the same page

Challenge: Completed!

On working with DaSilva Life

“We started working with the DaSilva team after having a negative experience with another consultant. DaSilva Life came in wanting to learn and understand exactly how we currently operate and, ultimately, where we want to be. They were flexible with our rushed timeline for implementation, and we hit our go-live date exactly as planned.”

On their favorite part of ClickUp Consulting

“One of the best experiences was the moments when we had very specific needs for our organization that ClickUp may not natively support, and they always had a workaround solution that accomplished what we needed. Shoutout to Kristi and the team for supporting us even after the initial project has concluded.”

Bottom line

“Working with the DaSilva Life team was, and still is, an absolute pleasure, and I look forward to continually growing our relationship.”

Before working with us, S&G was facing a problem so many marketing agencies experience: They needed more organization and efficient processes to scale to new levels.

Even if you’re already working within ClickUp, it’s always worth getting a second opinion to determine if there’s a better way to organize your tools and systems. As businesses grow, your tools should grow, too! Because what may have worked in the beginning may not always work down the road – and that’s totally ok. Sometimes, all you need is the help of some ClickUp pros (AKA: DaSilva Life) to get back on track.

And to help you get there, DaSilva Life can do the same for your unique hurdles, processes, and goals – just like we did for S&G!

To get started, explore our ClickUp Consulting services to learn more about how we can work together. And if you’re not sure what you need, just reach out to us, and we’ll talk about the right solution for your unique business and goals.

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