How I Time Block With Google Calendar

September 15, 2023

Part of keeping my business organized means time blocking within different tools – Google Calendar and ClickUp, specifically. It helps me stay on track with all of my to-dos (business and personal), and it ensures I move the needle forward with ongoing projects and client tasks. In other words: Time blocking keeps me sane.

In case you missed it, I’ve already shared how I time block using ClickUp. So, to keep with the theme, I thought I’d also give you a quick inside look into how I time block with Google Calendar!

Check out the quick video below, or keep reading to see how I do it!

Time blocking…in two calendars?

Why do you time block in ClickUp and Google Calendar?

It’s a fair question! Here’s how I like to differentiate the two:

Google Calendar time blocking

This is what I like to call my ‘dream schedule.’ It’s basically filled with standard, recurring chunks of time that make up a typical week for me. That includes blocks of time like:

  • Morning routine
  • Checking + responding to emails
  • Client work
  • Lunch breaks
  • CEO time
  • Planning ahead for the next day and/or week

ClickUp time blocking

This is where flesh out more itemized to-dos and get specific about what I’m working on and when. For example, in my Google Calendar, I’ll block chunks of time for client work. But inside ClickUp, I’ll get granular with that client work and create time blocks for:

  • Specific projects and tasks
  • Days of the week I’ll do those certain tasks
  • How long I’ll spend on each task and at what time (i.e.: 30 minutes from 2:30-3:00 p.m.)

How I use Google Calendar for time blocking

Create your various calendars

First thing’s first, I suggest creating different calendars for each of your time blocks. It helps you create recurring time blocks for each, and it helps keep items and tasks separate. I’ll also admit that it looks really good in your own brand colors.

Here’s a look at my calendars to help you get started:

  • DaSilva Life (COO work)
  • Birthdays
  • Client work
  • HoneyBook meetings
  • Marketing tasks
  • Personal time

Schedule your non-negotiables

Next, I start time-blocking my week with my various calendars, starting with non-negotiables. For me, that means blocking out chunks of time and tasks that are non-negotiable and immovable, like my morning routine and lunch break.

I firmly that you have to prioritize your self-care in order to show up as your best self the rest of the day. Your personal time is just as important as anything else you do!

Set time blocks as ‘free’ or ‘busy’

As you start to fill in the rest of your time blocks – like client work and COO time – you might worry that this will make your calendar appear as busy 24/7. This is when you can go into each chunk of time and mark it as ‘free’ or ‘busy.’ How does this help?

If your Google Calendar is connected to your client scheduling tool (ours is HoneyBook), you obviously don’t want to seem unavailable at all times. That’s why I suggest marking those larger time blocks as ‘free,’ so it doesn’t block your actual scheduler. As people schedule calls, they’ll automatically populate during those times, because you’ve already time blocked it as available. See how amazingly easy that is?

Not to mention, you won’t end up with a schedule that’s all over the place. You’ll have dedicated times to various business and personal tasks, so you can stick to your personal routine every day without compromising!

Make time to plan for the future

At the end of each day, I set time aside to plan for the day ahead and make any adjustments to my Google and ClickUp calendars.

If new meetings have popped up or priorities have changed, I make sure that I make any necessary changes the day ahead. That way, my routines aren’t disrupted the next day and I know exactly what’s ahead!

Ready to get started? Get our Time Blocking Bundle!

Once you’re ready to take your time blocking skills from Google to ClickUp, I have just the templates for you inside my ClickUp Time Blocking Bundle for $17, which has three ready-to-go templates, including:

  • Daily Time Block Template
  • Weekly Planner Template
  • Currently Working On Template

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